Professional Entertainment

Anna is a specialty performer and co-owner of Pineapple Tai Entertainment, LLC. She is a dedicated full-time performer and knows the ins-and-outs of the entertainment and event industry. She is available for solo shows, ambiance, choreographed acts, multi-performer and event management.      

Feeling Inspired?

Each performance is tailored to your specific event, from the style of dance to the costuming and makeup. Any idea you have can be made into a reality!

Performance Services

Fire Shows

Fire is the ultimate crowd pleaser and a powerful visual. Anna has seven completely different fire acts combining various fire props and dance elements.

LED Shows

LED Performances combine beautiful eye-catching lights with energetic dance, putting onlookers into a trance. Colors, text, and even your own logo can be programmed to be part of the show. 

Stilt Walking

All stilt costumes are made fully-custom and can often be combined with LED acts. Stilt walkers are great for ambience, greeting, and photo ops. 

Aerial Bartending

Bottle and champagne service with a twist! Using aerial silks or a custom-made lollipop lyra, guests are served champagne and other beverages from the air. 

Blacklight and UV Reactive

Black Lights, UV Reactive body paint, makeup, and clothing for some seriously awesome parties. Blacklight themes are also great combined with LED shows. 

Grinder Girl Act

Power tools and steel metal outfits are used to create spark shows for a very surprising and daring act. Set the tone for the night or end it with a bang with this heavy metal act.

Strolling Table

Themed Champagne skirts and strolling tables make everything that much more fun! Each table is decorated and designed specifically for your event.   

LED Wings

LED Wings are big, beautiful, and mesmerizing. Custom colors, lights, and costume can be added to stilts or are great on their own for dancing and as a photo op.  


Dancers are the best at opening up the dance floor and keeping the party going. Ambiance or choreographed; dancing adds energy that everyone wants to be a part of. 

Custom Costuming

Every event deserves a performance that fits the unique style and theme. Anna uses her skills as a designer and seamstress to create one-of-kind costumes to make sure no detail is left untouched.

Safe and Insured

All fire performances are  covered under Specialty Insurance and vender certificates are available upon request. Performances include a designated safety person for added safety and a glass fibre Fire Blanket. 

Want to hire multiple performers?

Anna is the co-owner of Pineapple Tai Entertainment,  a collective of talented individuals who are passionate about their craft. Anna coordinates performers for large and small scale events. Recruiting, scheduling, costuming, and all of the BOH aspects can be taken care of for a seamless event.  

Contact Anna

Let her know what your event needs are!

Washington D.C.

Anna currently lives and works in Washington D.C. She enjoys working closely with other DC area entrepreneurs.

Anna performs across the United States as well as internationally. She has a network of trusted performers that can also be called upon if an event is out of state.  

Available for Travel